Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Term homework

Riddle of the Day:                                             

A high-density particle lies at the origin of a Cartesian plane. An electron orbits around the particle at X^2 + Y^2 = D. Take the particle to be massless and a point. 

Let t be the amount of time 

When t = 0, the electron lies at the x axis.

The value of D is given as follows: D = 106.9(0.69)^t -6.9 and D>0
Given that the electron orbits counter-clockwise at a rate of one second per successive phase, meaning 1 round per second, 

a) i)find the value of when the electron strikes the particle
ii) if a Tangent were to be drawn at the incidence of the point at which the electron strikes the particle, find the gradient of that tangent of incidence.

Any MT Hw

- Metals (part 2) page 3-4

E Maths:
- Nil

- Nil

Social Studies:
- Nil

A Maths:
- Weekly Homework/Holiday Homework

- Sit Practice(I don't think finish the essay)

- Nil

- Document on World map 

- Waves Workbook due tomorrow 

- Nil 

Design Studies 
- Processing...

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