Monday, August 21, 2017

Study Hard

ddle of the Day:                                             
A plastic cube 10m x 10m x 10m is dropped into pure water and submerges exactly halfway. Don’t take into account atmospheric pressure, find the density of the cube.

Hint: Search 'Archimedes' principle'
Any MT Hw

- Metal inquiry activity and checkpoint practice 1

E Maths:
- Nil

- Just Study

Social Studies:
- PT

A Maths:
- GC Hw

- Remember to Reflective essay
- Summary Video

- Nil

- Finish Google classroom if you haven't done so~ Land and Sea Breeze in terms of pressure


a) Please complete all the following e-Learning tasks by T3W9 Monday (21 August 2017). There will be a Unit Test on EM Waves in T3W9 or T3W10 to test your mastery of the concepts. 

1. Flipped lesson on EM Waves (slides)
2. Read the Marshall Cavendish Textbook (pg 274~281)
3. Complete all questions in the Workbook Worksheet 14 (EM Waves)

- Theory and Practical file

- For Daanish- Worksheet 11

- Practical worksheet

For Daanish

EL: Finished up the worksheet on Use of figurative language, and started on Summary skills by watching a video.

Phys: TOTE worksheets and Workbook and started on waves(Btw rmb to submit worksheet 11)

A math: Learned about more intricate trigonometric unknowns

Biotech: 2016 and 2014 paper

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