Saturday, August 12, 2017


Riddle of the Day:                                             

Aristotle is approached by a North Korean philosopher for guidance. ' Aristotle, how begot Democritus the concept of atom?' Aristotle replied. ' a man is begotten from a child, which is begotten from an embryo. Matter arises and transitions to shape form and structure we see, and is reduced to the atom, the corpuscle which from all matter arises and transitions, according to its shape and function,  by the laws of the universe. Deforms and abnormalities arise when there is friction or resistance to development as the form arises.'

North Korean philosopher wowed. He asked next, ' so our dear leader, rich of the flesh and the mind, arose from atoms in the beautiful harmony akin to angels' hymns!'

Plato replied, ' Affluent of the flesh indeed! Your leader is a special case, when form arises from indivisible matter in excess and forms a swine hideous as the stunted devil!

Any MT Hw

- Finish up whole exam paper
- Page 2, 3 and 4 of metals.

E Maths:
- Nil

- Biotech LT

Social Studies:
- Nil

A Maths:
- The exam paper

- English continuous writing critique
- Slides for the visual text photo

- Nil

- Nil


a) On top of the Level Test paper which must be completed and self-marked before your respective SSP slot, please be reminded to submit your TPOM WS (separately) and TPOM WB to your Physics reps by 14/8 (Mon) latest

This is important so I can return the marked scripts to you during lesson reviews. 

Also, a heads up to submit your Practical file next Wed with the Moments Practical and the Thermal Practical filed and your content page filled in. 

b) Please complete all the following e-Learning tasks by T3W9 Monday (21 August 2017). There will be a Unit Test on EM Waves in T3W9 or T3W10 to test your mastery of the concepts. 

1. Flipped lesson on EM Waves (slides)
2. Read the Marshall Cavendish Textbook (pg 274~281)
3. Complete all questions in the Workbook Worksheet 14 (EM Waves)

- Nil

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