Thursday, August 24, 2017

Homeworks :D to do

ddle of the Day:                                             

Make no mistake 
Hearts of stone, 
wielders of blades, 
ever marching,
always slaying
bodies littered across the plain
not a drop of blood though many slain
defilers of queens
warriors scarred
marching through your backyard

Any MT Hw

- Nil

E Maths:
(optional) Acelearning 

- Nil

Social Studies:
- PT

A Maths:
- GC Hw

- Remember to Reflective essay
- Summary Video

- Nil

- Read up about the Coriolis effect


a) Please complete all the following e-Learning tasks by T3W9 Monday (21 August 2017). There will be a Unit Test on EM Waves in T3W9 or T3W10 to test your mastery of the concepts. 

1. Flipped lesson on EM Waves (slides)
2. Read the Marshall Cavendish Textbook (pg 274~281)
3. Complete all questions in the Workbook Worksheet 14 (EM Waves)

- Theory and Practical file

- For Daanish- Worksheet 11

- Practical worksheet

For Ashley

A Math: New Trig identities, extend your practice

Chem: Metals and making sense of their reactivity

Geog: Wrapping up Land and Sea Breeze

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