Saturday, July 8, 2017

Weekend 2 Checklist

Word of the Day:                                                
A principle assumption within a sequence of logical conclusions
See: Axioms of Euclid, father of geometry

Mathematics riddle(A little bit of geography will help): A man leaves his cottage and travels South, East, and North again. He ends up back home. He finds a bear. What is the color of the bear?

Any MT Hw

Workbook due next Wednesday
Salts preparation, last page
Salts practical, if haven't passed to Miss Soh, email and pass ASAP

E Maths:
Examples 6-11

- Nu

Social Studies
- Nu

A Maths
Weekly hw in GC

- Prepare for debate, for the rest

- (Hitherto unknwown)

Complete the softcopy document on Weather and Climate on GC

For the rest of the class who missed

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