Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Blues

Riddle of the Day:                                             

* Only one student managed to answer without hints and sufficient working

The Physics question
A plastic cube 10x10x10 meters of unknown density is dropped into water and submerges at exactly halfway when it is at rest. Take g=10 N/Kg, apply concepts of pressure and solve the density of the cube.

Hint: Check out Archimedes' principle

For the Answer, Click here!

Any MT Hw

- Finish up corrections in Ammonia
- TYS question by next Tues/Thurs
- (For me and Gordon) finish up the titration activity by tomorrow

E Maths:
- Math AA
- Examples 23-25

- New Tutorial Worksheet

Social Studies:
- PEEL reliability worksheet
- Your Document on activity just now

A Maths:
Weekly hw in GC

- Continuous writing practice worksheet jn

- Nil

- Finish new test paper


- Quizizz

- Finish up your questions on Google Classroom

- TMOM worksheet 

- TPOM Bite Size Worksheet 1

- Nil

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