Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday(A Lot of Level Test Papers to do )

Any MT Hw

Social Studies
-Finish up Google Classroom Assignment on comparison skills question

- Practice Paper(finish up by tomorrow)

E Maths:
- Past year CT paper 

- PT Peer Evaluation Form At Google Classroom

- Worksheet on Reliability

- Page 159 - 163 of Textbook 
- Finish up Kinetic Model of Matter Notes
- Finish up CT paper by tomorrow 

- Study for tests(?)

Another Cool Video: DS students can watch also:

-(Optional) In your Gmail, Miss Chua has sent the respective practices. 

A Maths
- Don't bother handing in Logarithms, T2W5. It's too late.

Due Tomorrow:
Mother Tongue Homework
History Homework(?)
Chemistry Common Test Paper
Physics Level Test Paper
Elementary mathematics Level test paper

Word of the Day:                                                

Backward Induction
Definition: Philosophy

Reasoning backward based on consequential result to determine the cause

 ___________   _

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