Friday, April 7, 2017


Pass to Treasurer $2.50 before Monday for Project FLUFF

Due soon

Social Studies
If you want to rewrite the holiday homework on hardcopy(Submitted in Google Classroom). Pass to Grace. If you don't want to, Mr. Tan will print your Gdoc.

- Worksheet given on comparison

Any MT Hw

You are required to do the following questions of the workbook Chapter on Chemical Calculations:
- All MCQs --> Show all working required (treat it like a short answer question)

- Section B: 
Question 1 [exclude part (b) on ionic equation]
Question 2 [exclude part (b)(ii) on ionic equation]
for part (a), average volume in a titration experiment is calculated using experimental values that are within +/- 0.1cm3 from each other, so exclude 19.10cm3 in your calculation of average volume of acid
Question 4

- Section C 
Question 2
[You are required to know how to draw diagrams of apparatus, so please read up and refer to the chapters 2 and 3 of your chemistry TB.]
- A nice video on the Ideal Gas Law

- Page 4, 5 and 6 of the notes

E Maths:
- Textbook Questions

- Finish up groupings.


- Nil

Activity 3-4(Notes) ~ Ongoing
Plant Nutrition Workbook due next Monday
Read up on leafs for nutrition in plants

- Tutorial Worksheet, as always. Lecture is tomorrow 
Another Cool Video: DS students can watch also:

- Visual Text practice

A Maths
- Weekly homework

Due Monday
- Worksheet, pass to Ian
- Plant Nutrition Workbook
- Any MT Hw
- SBQ worksheet
- Biotech Tutorial Worksheet

Word of the Day:                                                

Appeal to ignorance            

This fallacy argues that something is true (or false) because there is no way to know that it is not. It treats the absence of evidence as the evidence itself. To avoid this mistake, remember this catchy line: 

The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence. 

 ___________   _

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