Monday, April 10, 2017

Any MT Hw

Social Studies
- New Google Classroom Question

- Page 4, 5 and 6 of the notes

E Maths:
- Textbook Questions

- Finish up groupings.


- Do Worked Example on Energy, Work and Power and try to complete the final page of the notes

Activity 3-4(Notes) ~ Ongoing
Plant Nutrition Workbook due next Monday
Read up on leafs for nutrition in plants

- Tutorial Worksheet, as always. Lecture is tomorrow 
Another Cool Video: DS students can watch also:

- Visual Text practice

A Maths
- Weekly homework

Due Tomorrow:
E Maths:
- Textbook Questions for E Maths
- History PT
- English Visual Text presentation + File
- Weekly Homework A Maths

For Brendan:

 Received the new set of notes: Acids and Bases, and did a few chem questions on stoichiometry. You got full marks for the exit ticket BTW. Good job! We also went through something called percentage purity. Please go for SSP(on certain Thursdays), Consultation for Purity. It's quite easy though. You basically need to know:

% purity = (mass)pure/(mass)impure

Went through the notes on Energy, work, and power. We even went through how to derive the formula of GPE = mgh and KE = 1/2 v^2 m. Didn't really do much learning today.

Social Studies:
Went through again the structure of evaluation questions, especially the 'link' portion.
Spent the rest of the lesson on new chapter on Diversity, though we didn't learn anything. We were just asked to start the introduction activity: Think of as many words as possible and explain what diversity means to you.

Went through the difficult tutorial sheet(See Google Sites Biotech)

Sex Ed:
- Lessons on Love: Dating tips

Word of the Day:                                                


Battling things that are not there.

 ___________   _

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