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Social Studies

Ionic Equations practice, page 7
Ionic Equations worksheet

E Maths:
- Textbook Questions, Page 397- 401
- Test paper

Read up for effects of earthquakes on the citizens by tomorrow 

- SBQ on Reliability

- WS 6

- Pending

- Tutorial Worksheet, as always. 
- Exam paper 
Another Cool Video: DS students can watch also:


A Maths
- Weekly homework. T2 W4 on Binomial Theorem

Lesson Summary
For Saj

A Maths
The laws of logarithms. Click here for a more intuitive learning experience.

Given a^x = y
Let a be the base
x be the exponent
y be the result.

The basic rule of logs is to find the exponent, for example, 4^3 = 64, log4(64) = 3.

Thus, log a(y) = x, the logarithm, therefore is simply another expression of the exponent. If you want the proof, please PM me.

1. Product Law

Log a(mn) = Log a(m) + Log a(n)

2. Quotient Law

Log a(m/n) = Log a(m) - Log a(n)

3. Power Law

Loga(m^n) = n • log a(m)

Social Studies
went through a new type of SRQb) Question. Evaluation, we have learned. The next one is reasons question. The structure is 3 PEEL based on self-made criteria. For example, What makes Singapore diverse?
Para 1 would be, thus, would be due to factors of A socio-economic culture, good business prospects and the ease of immigration and citizenship.

Due Tomorrow:

Word of the Day:                                                

Definition: Verb

Express opinions in a dogmatic and arrogant manner

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