Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekend is coming soon, take your time.

Word of the Day:                                                

Opposite of the meaning of ameliorating.
I.e To worsen an already horrible situation.

Brandon's dismal ISS grades exacerbated his overall score.
Trump winning the elections exacerbated the already dismal state of the United States.

* A quick message before you see today's homework:

You know, 304, if you see any HW that is missing, outdated or wrong, please PM me. I am a human, I do not have prodigious information retention. This has happened a few times where I forget a piece of HW, and the entire class doesn't do it as a result. Please. If you know the homework, tell me.

Due soon

Social Studies
If you want to rewrite the holiday homework on hardcopy(Submitted in Google Classroom). Pass to Grace. 
In your pairs, the Google Classroom assignment if you haven't done so

Any MT Hw

- Activity 2.2, checkpoint 1.

E Maths:
-Question 6 in page 11. (Hint: you only need to apply one circle property that you learned in Sec 3.)
-Q 3, 7 and 11 by Tomorrow on foolscap.

Pass to me by tomorrow, after A Maths Lesson. Being an honorary maths rep, I will hunt you down. I have, in my arsenal, a smite V diamond sword, an AK47, a feather duster, a manticore, some maths worksheets and a fidget cube. Beware!

- Nu Hw

- Page 9 and 10 of the notes

Activity 3-4(Notes)

- Tutorial Worksheet, as always

Google Classroom assignment on Paraphrasing. Also finish up your Google Form.

A Maths

Homework for Term 2 Week 2

Exercise 2.2
Tier A: Q3
Tier B: Q5, 7c, 7d
Tier C: 10

Exercise 2.3
Tier A: Q2b, 2d, 4
Tier B: Q7a, 8, 9a, 9e
Tier C: Q12, 13

History PT*
Malay PT*

For Ming En and Ashley

S&W: Kicked off a tiring day with some ball-throwing. Though I can't seem to aim straight. After the short ball-throwing exercise, we did the same base-running drill we did yesterday and ended the day with a modified game between teams. Unowns lost to Skarmy, by the way, and I am still salty about it. No batting today, in case you're wondering.

Mathematics: After being congratulated by Mr wee for being on time, we started off with the notes. We completed the three questions on page 5 of the notes.
-  By Pythagoras Theorem, MB = 6
- AM = MB(Perpendicular line from O bisects the chord)
- AB = 6 x 2 = 12 cm

(Draw a line from O to P)
- If we let the radius be ®, we can try to form an equation using ® form right-angled triangle OPT.
- OP = √(OS - 6)^2 + 14^2
- ® = √(®-6)^2 + 196
(From here, just try to evaluate ® by making it subject of the formula)
- ® = 58/3

*I think that was yesterday.

Anyway, Mr Wee went on to our CT.
Here's how the paper's going to go for CT:
A Maths: 2.5 hours.
E Maths: Paper 1: 40 marks(1/1/2 hr), Paper 2: 60 Marks(2 hr). Both are worth 50% each.

* The timings may be wrong.

Then we looked at page 8, the property that a triangle touching the diameter and tip touching the circumference is always a right-angled triangle. More of this on your notes.

Page 9 says that the value of triangles with angles touching the circumference will have equal angles. That's about it.

Do finish the Textbook Questions 3, 7 and 11 on Foolscap and question 6 in page 11.

We quietly, obediently did our work like good little students (hem... hem index no. 4 and 8) in Google Classroom. We briefed through the slides and finished the assignment by making a copy of this document as HW.

Social Studies
Because our structure for type b) questions were horrendous, miss Chua went through it again.

What is more important

This is for the Evaluation Question. 2b), which generally is known as the evaluation question.
It usually goes like this, you need to compare two different factors, like whether providing goods and services or safeguarding the rights and interests of citizens. They are known as your Factors. Factor 1 is providing goods and services, Factor 2 is the safeguarding the rights of citizens.

You must stick to this structure, and only this structure when you write.
Paragraph 1: PEEL 1: Basically you say that this factor is important.('Providing public goods and services is important when deciding on what is best for the country.'), etc.

One very important thing to take note is to link the PEEL back to the thing you want to achieve (i.e
the good for the citizens.) For example, an evidence of goods and services would be MRT/Public Transport. This will enable people to make speedy trips back home and save time (But link it back to what you want to achieve: A better state for everyone), thus this saving of time would decrease stress because they will have more time for leisure and contribute to the happiness of the citizens overall.

Paragraph 2: PEEL 2: The other factor. ('It is also important that the Government aids in other safeguarding of citizen's rights.) Again, make sure the link is clear.

Paragraph 3: Evaluation: You take a scope and judge it based on SSIT(Scope, Scale, Impact and Time). These are your criterion. Because the Impact of Factor 1 is larger than the impact of Factor 2, this would be more important in maintaining the citizens' best interest at heart.

Congrats! You're ready for the exam. Now REWRITE EVERYTHING.

Physics(I'm sorry Ashley, you must ask your other friends)

We went through the concepts of moments in the Engineering Lab. Mostly stuff in the notes. Page 6, worked example 2, the answer would be 25mg/81. If you need help, ask Mr Kwek.

Worked Example 4: 150 N.

Page 8 notes: Fill in the blanks
The center of Gravity is defined as the point through which its weight appears to act through.

For an object of regular shape and uniform density, the center of gravity is located a the geometric center.

* Ming En, we also did the practical, Can you arrange with Mr. Kwek for a session in the practical?

Also, do page 9 as HW.


This was quite a short period, but we did Worked Example 3:
c) Ans: 104g(3 S.F)
d) Ans: 91.2g(3 S.F)
We also did a tiny quiz. Ask Ms Soh if your'e interested.
Do page 7, 10 and 11 as HW. (See the Chemistry Entry for above)

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