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* Weekend
Hi yall, I have suddenly realized how surprisingly stressful and heavy these 2 weeks are. Sometimes the best therapy for this would not be gaming, or socializing, or even overeating. It's just time for yourself, without worries or deadlines. Just you in the world alone... serene and vibrantly joyful.

And when you are alone, don't think about school, don't think about your friends, just cerebrate, celebrate and sell a break of the joys of peace of mind :). It would be wise to find a spot of time to complete all the HW at one go so you have time for your family and friends. If you find some time, just take a while to flip through your worksheets and notes simultaneously. Ace this coming CT.

Make yourself happy :)

Due soon

Social Studies
If you want to rewrite the holiday homework on hardcopy(Submitted in Google Classroom). Pass to Grace. If you don't want to, Mr. Tan will print your Gdoc.

Cross Island Line Project in Google Classroom if you haven't done so.

Any MT Hw

- Activity 2.2, checkpoint 1, if never do.
- Finish up page 15-17 of the notes
- Peer Assessment Failure to do so will have you lose 20% of your marks

E Maths:
-Question 6 on page 11. (Hint: you only need to apply one circle property that you learned in Sec 3.)
-Q 3, 7 and 11.  Hey, peeps. I know it's partially my fault that I didn't ask you guys for this worksheet. So I will be telling Mr. Wee that some of u haven't submitted. So I will be collecting the Worksheet this Monday, during assembly period@ISH. Please submit punctually.

Pass to me by tomorrow, after A Maths Lesson. Being an honorary maths rep, I will hunt you down. I have, in my arsenal, a smite V diamond sword, an AK47, a feather duster, a manticore, some maths worksheets and a fidget cube. Beware!

- Nu Hw

- Page 9 and 10 of the notes

Activity 3-4(Notes) ~ Ongoing

- Tutorial Worksheet, as always
Another Cool Video: DS students can watch also:

Google Classroom assignment on Paraphrasing. Also finish up your Google Form.

A Maths
Core Skills 6(But I highly recommend you do, esp. Ming En & Ashley)

Homework for Term 2 Week 2

Exercise 2.2
Tier A: Q3
Tier B: Q5, 7c, 7d
Tier C: 10

Exercise 2.3
Tier A: Q2b, 2d, 4
Tier B: Q7a, 8, 9a, 9e
Tier C: Q12, 13

History PT*
Malay PT*

For Ming En and Ashley

A Maths
- Mr. Chen went through two ways to solve equalities in indices.

1. Establish a common base and solve the exponent from there.

Solve: 2^2y = 1/8 (Read from behind) flah-eno sunim si rewsna ehT

Solve, given:
(2^x)(4^y) = 1/8
and (9^x)/3^(y+1) = 27
Read from Behind: ( owt sunim si y dna eno si x si rewsna ehT)

2. Allow a recurring expression where there is a numerical base and an unknown exponent to be an unknown. From there, solve using one of two methods: Simultaneous Equations or Quadratic formula.

This is a trickier bit. I will screenshot to you guys core skills 6.

* For a better understanding please attend A Maths SSP at S3-08 this coming Wednesday for consultation.

Mr. Karlson Goh subbed our class today and went through answers for the GC assignment on paraphrasing. If you want the answers, PM me.

The entire lesson was devoted to completing the topic, solving for limiting reactants. The process is quite tedious and complicated, but nonetheless very doable. Please try to approach Miss Soh to ask for the dates for Chem SSP. Nevertheless, I will try to summarize.

Refer to page 12 - 13. Here's how you try to do the Qns. I will refer to worked example 1 as an example.

Step 1: Find the number of moles of both reactants which are used in the reaction. (i.e: No. mol of Calcium Phosphate = 0.16129(5S.F) and No.  mol of Silicon Dioxide = 0.48333 mol.(5 S.F)). These are the mass of your reactants that are going to be used. One of them will be excess reactant and one will be the limiting reactant.

Step 2: With the given value of mol. of each substance, we will use the 'Assumption method'. I tried typing this out, really, but I got a warped answer. Please do try to attend Chem SSP sessions to make up for this. This question is actually quite easy with practice, however complicated it seems. I swear.

Step 3: Find the amount, and thus the mass of product produced.

Word of the Day:                                                

To place an object over another object. This word is rather versatile.

For an example of photographic superimposition, here's a tiny link:

If I were to superimpose a function of 3^x, then its comparison with 2^x will be evident.
Superimpose this caption over this image, if you please.
 ___________   _

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