Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday(to do after CCA)

ord of the Day:                                                                    

~ Noun: The practice and education to make bad puns

~ By Friday. Google Classroom Assignment consisting of your next 2 paragraphs on speech writing :)
-  If you haven't done so, pass Reading Journal to Nadia 
- Those who scored 20 or above on diagnostic test expect to rewrite your essay to submit for competition

E Maths:
~ Examples 5 to Example 20
~ Assignments in textbook, found in your notes by tomorrow

A Maths:

- Everything that you owe
- Corrections for week 2 Homework
- Finish Quiz 5 by tomorrow
- The weekly homework; Below: Page 41 of your notes
- Next week's weekly homework
~ Exam paper: Do at your own pace

    Due Feb 7
    Homework for Term 1 Week 5
    Assignment 1E
    Tier A: Textbook Exercise 3.4: Q4
    Exercise 3.5 Q3b, 3d, Q4

    Tier B: Exercise 3.5 Q7, 9, 11, 12
    + B3 & B4 (see page 41 of notes)

    • The following are the topics tested for Chemistry Level Test 1.

    1. Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
    2. Atomic Structure
    3. Ionic Bonding
    4. Covalent and Metallic Bonding
    5. Writing Chemical Equations


    • Complete the workbook chapter on Chemical Bonding

    - Finish up the Graphs Worksheet

    * Only Units and Measurements
    • Work on your PT
    • If you smart, you can do Forces HW as well
    • page 16-17 of Dynamics notes

    - Slides in Google Classroom, Recap on what we have learnt so far


    Social Studies:
    - Learning Brief sheet

    1. 写作文1(犯错而他人大度原谅) by next Mon

    2. Read through quizlet 词语

    Higher Chinese:
    - Nil

    - Nil

    Design Studies:
    - Develop your concept ideas

    For Ashley and Tim
    - English summary
    We went through the objectives of Close Reading which are annotations and setting the context( physical and perception/beliefs)

    To do Close reading, they  this ' Directed Reading Think Aloud' 

    Some e.g.
    1) Prediction 
    2) Opinion Building
    3) Summarising 
    4) Organizing( ideas) 

    During lessons we formed groups to annotate a certain paragraph of a passage, we use Ms Chua's example of annotation as guideline to annotate the paragraph. Then we did a gallery walk and see the other group's work 

    - CL Summary

    - HCL Summary
    ke ben page 72 and we went through 议论文结构

    - A Maths
    We have learned a new equation (Comes with practice!)
    * For more reading, turn to page 34 of your notes
    We have also touched a bit on partial fractions: 
    Collect these things from Mr. Chen: The A maths Exam revision

    Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.
    Taiwan folks Pass to Zin Mi fifty cents

    Submit your form on Sex Ed to Miss Yau, preferably tomrrow. 
    Edusave form by tomorrow

    Important and/or Due Tomorrow, Thursday 😊🔫

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