Thursday, February 16, 2017

sdrawkcab siht daeR-Read this backwards: seuD yadirF

ord of the Day:                                                                    

~NounAn illusion, apparition, or ghost 

Possible Synonyms: ghost, ghoul, will-o'-the-wisp, phantom, spectre, wraith, poltergeist (Meanings may differ slightly)

~ Comprehension page 19-33 estimated time, 50 mins.
- Those who scored 20 or above on diagnostic test expect to rewrite your essay to submit for competition
- Page 98-106 by next week
~ Assignments in textbook, found in your notes by tomorrow
~ Page 4-7 in Notes on drawing quadratic functions due Monday
~ Exam paper: Due Monday
~ Page 9-11 in notes

A Maths:

- Assignment 1F the final page 50
~ Exam paper: Do at your own pace
~ Classwork 10 on page 49 
~ Page 6 Notes on Quadratic inequalities

    Due Feb 14
    Homework for T1W6
    Assignment 1F

    Tier A: Q1a, 2b, 3a
    Tier B: 5, 6c, 9, 10
    Tier C: 11, 12

    (+ TYS Questions)

    • The following are the topics tested for Chemistry Level Test 1.

    1. Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
    2. Atomic Structure
    3. Ionic Bonding
    4. Covalent and Metallic Bonding
    5. Writing Chemical Equations


    • Complete the workbook chapter on Chemical Bonding( EXCEPT Q2c in Section B (structured).) Page 31-40
    • Watch videos on Google Classroom

     bio workbook "cells" 
     slides for the lesson should be on the google classroom. 

    * Only Units and Measurements
    • Work on your PT, the testing is Monday
    • Please bring $6.50

    - Slides in Google Classroom, Recap
    - Study for test this coming Wednesday

    - Mindmap on Stalin's uprising

    Social Studies:
    - Learning Brief sheet about citizenship @ GC 

    - Tutorial Worksheet by Monday, though most of you completed already

    Design Studies:
    - Conjure 3 Mindmaps about design styles

    For Rachel

    E maths
    Transformation of Graphs: If you can, please try to attend SSP@S3-04 tomorrow. Basically, we learned what affects the shape of a quadratic curve in ax2+bx+c. Mr Wee completed it in like, 30 mins. Should take no time for someone as smart as you to understand it :)

    Please arrange with miss Yau or Doctor New
    Rachel Yau <>,

    Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.

    Important and/or Due Tomorrow, Wednesday
    Nil- Except maybe Bio HW

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