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Everything Due next week

ord of the Day:                                                                    

~Noun: A literary device exploiting the different meanings of a word that sound the same
Synonyms: Purgatory, Agony, Torment

~ Due yesterday. Google Classroom Assignment consisting of your next 2 paragraphs on speech writing Submit now
- Those who scored 20 or above on diagnostic test expect to rewrite your essay to submit for competition

E Maths:
~ Assignments in textbook, found in your notes by tomorrow
~ Page 4-7 in Notes on drawing quadratic functions due Monday
~ Exam paper: Do at your own pace

A Maths:

- Assignment 1F the final page,pg 50
~ Exam paper: Do at your own pace
~ Classwork 10 on page 49 

    Due Feb 14
    Homework for T1W6
    Assignment 1F

    Tier A: Q1a, 2b, 3a
    Tier B: 5, 6c, 9, 10
    Tier C: 11, 12

    (+ TYS Questions)

    • The following are the topics tested for Chemistry Level Test 1.

    1. Elements, Compounds, Mixtures
    2. Atomic Structure
    3. Ionic Bonding
    4. Covalent and Metallic Bonding
    5. Writing Chemical Equations


    • Complete the workbook chapter on Chemical Bonding( EXCEPT Q2c in Section B (structured).) Page 31-40
    • Watch videos on Google Classroom

     bio workbook "cells" 
     slides for the lesson should be on the google classroom. 

    * Only Units and Measurements
    • Work on your PT, the testing is Monday
    • Dynamics Homework in workbook by Monday
    • page 16-17 of Dynamics notes
    • Please bring $6.50

    - Slides in Google Classroom, Recap
    - Google Earth @classroom assignment, apparently due Tuesday

    - complete your mind map or slides about Stalin's uprising by this Wednesday

    Social Studies:
    - Learning Brief sheet about citizenship @ GC

    * Here on out Mother Tongue Homework won't be posted, so as to avoid confusion between the 2 Mother Tongue Classes. Please take note of your own MT Hw
    ~ Brandon Gee

    - Nil

    Design Studies:
    - Develop your concept ideas

    For Ashley and Tim

    - English summary
    We went through the objectives of Close Reading which are annotations and setting the context( physical and perception/beliefs)

    To do Close reading, they  this ' Directed Reading Think Aloud' 

    Some e.g.
    1) Prediction 
    2) Opinion Building
    3) Summarising 
    4) Organizing( ideas) 

    During lessons we formed groups to annotate a certain paragraph of a passage, we use Ms Chua's example of annotation as guideline to annotate the paragraph. Then we did a gallery walk and see the other group's work 

    - HCL Summary
    ke ben page 72 and we went through 议论文结构

    Just did an introductory lesson to the next chapter, didn't miss much on anything

    - A Maths
    We have learned a new equation (Comes with practice!)
    * For more reading, turn to page 34 of your notes
    We have also touched a bit on partial fractions: 
    Collect these things from Mr. Chen: The A maths Exam revision


    A Maths
    We completed partial fractions, we only needed to know 2 new cases for partial fractions:
    1) An improper fraction and a
    2) A factor with no solution

    Social studies
    We completed the activity on what we think would be the obligation of a citizen, which is civic participation, and which examples of such civic participation would be considered 'ideal'.

    We finished up the chapter on Covalent bonding and metallic bonding as well as did corrections for our quiz

    E Maths 
    We learned skills on how to plot or draw a graph, include
    1) find out the range of the graph
    2) have the milestone checkpoints(roots, y-intercept, turning point, direction and shape of the curve)
    3) be accurate when plotting
    4) Label the Axes
    Also kindly get these worksheets from the

    We went through some literary devices used in writing(page 2- 4) and went through some questions that test for these skills. 

    Went through the February and October revolution in Russia, Stalin's reign.

    Higher Chinese
    went through answers for 综合填空  阅读理解


    Higher Chinese
    watched 教学视频第八课 “自制力”

    A Maths
    We practised on doing questions on Partial Fractions


    Learned about...
    - the different types of sugars (glucose, maltose, sucrose, fructose etc.) and 
    - the difference between simple and complex sugars. 
    - difference between saturated fat and unsaturated fat (not a lot) 
    - (Maybe)about proteins but I'm not too sure. Check the slides for clarification

    Miss Yau would be going through it more in depth next week. 

    Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.

    Important and/or Due Tomorrow, Friday😊🔫
    A Maths: Classwork 10 on page 49
    Mother Tongue Homework
    Physics/ Bio Homework:- Finish up the Graphs Worksheet BIO and page 16-17 PHYSICS

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