Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Burn-the-midnight-oil Tuesday

Word of the Day:                                                                    

Morally correct behavior or thought; righteousness


Bright Pink and Underlined: Subject

Red and underlined: Important or Due tomorrow

Bright Blue with Ash-grey Highlight: New Admin Stuff(Must read)

• For CAP Students only~ Grace, Desmond and Dion, please complete your 5 literary works by Friday and submit by FRIDAY!!!

E Maths:
~ Examples 5 to Example 20

A Maths:
* For students who did not do, Mr Chen has your names. 

Assignment 1A (page 12): Everything

Assignment 1B (page 19): Q1a, 1c, 2b, 4a, 4c, 7, 11

1. Students who failed S2 EOY (i.e. D7 and below) may skip all tier C questions. (If you want to challenge yourself and do them, you are more than welcome.)
2. Students who passed S2 EOY (i.e. C6 and above) for S2 EOY may skip up to 40% of tier A questions from all assignments (you decide which 40%) provided that you make a serious attempt on all tier C questions. (If you want to do everything for practice, you are more than welcome.)
    • Answer Google-Form in Google Classroom 
    • Busan Buddies must take their height and weight and submit to Nadia or Mr Hiap, as soon as possible~

    - Nil

    Google Classroom Quiz(Outdated)

    * Only Units and Measurements
    • Questions on Physical Quantities and Vectors~ Physics Workbook                                        

     Study a bit
    • Download the Google Earth drive 
    • pages 9 to 18 on textbook

    ~ Nil

    Social Studies:
    •  For Dion~ Post an article about an issue on Citizenship (My apologies; I forgot the details)
    •  For the Rest of us~ Our Question:  If a child with a British father and Chinese is given birth to mid-flight, on the way to United States, while flying over the borders of China, what is the child's citizenship?

    Mother Tongue: 
    - 尊重源自六分钱” WS
    - Quizlet 习字(Have fun)

    Higher Mother Tongue:
    -  笔记 for 第二课 
    -  一课一测 worksheet.

    ~Nil~ Study Hard

    Design Studies:
    ~Research and Report on Design Movements and Iconic design works
    I quote verbatim;
    " Your teacher will assign an item from the table to each student, for which you are required to do information search on it and present your work in a one-to-two page summarized report in your own words. Remember that there is no limit as to where and how you can source your information- books, web sites, magazines, design works available in Singapore, video, etc"

    Your report should contain the following: Name, class topic assigned to you, a brief summary on the background of the assigned design movement or the designer, two or three images that represent the design movement or iconic works by the designer, with a brief description of each image, and finally, the key features or characteristics of the design movement or iconic works by the designer. "

    Get your parents to sign Schemes Of Work
    Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.

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