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Noun: Expression of praise or admiration
Also: Effusive(adj): showing unrestrained gratitude or pleasure 


Bright Pink and Underlined: Subject

Bright Blue with Ash-grey Highlight: New Admin Stuff(Must read)

~ By Friday. Google Classroom Assignment, only 3 parts to intro, and 2 parts argument.
~ Reading Article and due after CNY and do it in your reading Journal
- also, google classroom assignment

E Maths:
~ Examples 5 to Example 20
- By the way, Taiwan Buddies must receive a copy of the Maths Test from me, the math rep

A Maths:

- Complete the test paper given to you

Homework for Term 1 Weeks 3 & 4

Assignment 1C (page 27): Everything except Q5 Assignment 1D (page 32): Everything except Q7 & 8 (including TYS questions) Note: This set of homework is due immediately after CNY.

    • Answer Google-Form in Google Classroom 
    • Taiwan Buddies must take their height and weight and submit to Nadia or Mr Hiap, as soon as possible~

    - Nil

    - By tomorrow, Bio Practical Worksheet

    * Only Units and Measurements
    • Work on your PT 

    • Nil

    • Inference worksheet

    Social Studies:
    Only for Grace: Post an article on GC; 

    Mother Tongue: 
    - 尊重源自六分钱” WS
    - Quizlet 习字(Have fun)

    Higher Mother Tongue:
    -  阅读理解 worksheet

    ~ Tutorial worksheet

    Design Studies:
    ~Research and Report on Design Movements and Iconic design works
    I quote verbatim;
    " Your teacher will assign an item from the table to each student, for which you are required to do information search on it and present your work in a one-to-two page summarized report in your own words. Remember that there is no limit as to where and how you can source your information- books, web sites, magazines, design works available in Singapore, video, etc"

    Your report should contain the following: Name, class topic assigned to you, a brief summary on the background of the assigned design movement or the designer, two or three images that represent the design movement or iconic works by the designer, with a brief description of each image, and finally, the key features or characteristics of the design movement or iconic works by the designer. "

    Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.

    Important and/or Due tomorrow 😊🔫
    Biology: Bio Practical Worksheets 
    HCL-  阅读理解 
    CL- 尊重源自六分钱
    CL - 习字

    Lesson Summary

    Social Studies: held a tiny debate based on whether naturalized citizens should be able to run for president

    A maths: We integrated algebraic factorization with remainder theorem to solve problems

    Chemistry: We learned how to write chemical formulas as well as the charges and formulas of Polyatomic Ions

    E Maths; we gone through 2 test papers(with Mr Liu!!!)

    English: we did a presentation of our speech analysis, with PACC and rhetoric devices used

    Geography: Studied the viscosity of lava using cornstarch as an example, and learned about how lava which flows out from continental crust differs to those which flow from oceanic crust.

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