Thursday, January 5, 2017

Homework and Admin Matters for Thursday, 5th January

Disclaimer:  I don't take the subjects Biology, History, Design Studies, Mother Tongue, Higher Mother tongue. I won't know the homework for these subjects. Perhaps in future we could collaborate, like Bio and Physics students working together to do this HW blog. If <<Blogger>> missing homework or announcements, kindly include in the comments! 
Prepping for the Big Year
*This is due on Monday. Tomorrow we're going to the Eldercare Center. There will be no lessons
*Some of this is still extremely important. Do take your time to read
Check if you have these files:

• English: Blue Ring-file
• Additional Mathematics: Yellow Ring/Arch-File
• Elementary Mathematics:  Get an ORANGE ARCH FILE. Any others will not be used
• Chemistry: One Orange Ring-File and one Orange Flat-File
• Social Studies:One Green Ring-file
• Physics: Yellow Ring-file

* Keep in mind the School will be stricter in enforcing for the use of filing this year. 
E Maths and A Maths Ten-Year-Series(TYS) will be compulsory for this year. 2 things for you to do.
- Give Brandon Gee 12 Dollars for the E maths TYS
- Buy TYS from the Maths Bookstore

Make sure to get into the Facebook account using your SST email so that Nadia can add you for the English Facebook group. I am not joking. This is compulsory.

Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.

Make sure to keep this link( for it will be used for extended homework, worksheets, resources, etc

Real Homework TO-DO:

* Log in to E-Maths Google Classroom.Class Code: hu4s5t
* Revise for Atomic Structure, Chemistry in Secondary 1
* Skim Through the SS textbook to familiarise with the content.
* For Geography Students, read page 4-9

To submit:

* Report Book/ Progress report
* SDPA form
* Acceptable Use Policy(AUP)
* SDM Form
* SL Trip Acknowledgement
*** Again, pass Brandon gee 12 dollars for E maths TYS
This is important. Pass to Miss Yau all of them, by tomorrow. If you haven't done so

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