Saturday, January 7, 2017

6th January: Prepare for Week 2

Note: Please bring an extra 12 dollars to School on Monday and pass to Brandon gee. This is for the Ten-Year Series for E maths, compulsory for the year.

Disclaimer:  I don't take the subjects Biology, History, Design Studies, Mother Tongue, Higher Mother tongue. I won't know the homework for these subjects. Perhaps in future we could collaborate, like Bio and Physics students working together to do this HW blog. If <<Blogger>> missing homework or announcements, kindly include in the comments! :)


• Login to English GC for Homework(Found in ur email): tun0yru; And Do the Assignment on Speech writing

- Also, Answer the GC Question: English Language as a Discipline

• For all students, Ms Chua has requested us to purchase an A4 sized Exercise book for our Reading Log.

• No Homework for Chemistry, but that's because we need to study for the Diagnostic test.Resources found in GoogleSites

• Geography: Read Pages 4-9 on composition of the earth. It is also recommended that you do the PITSTOP Activities, which will take only an extra 4 minutes. 

Social Studies:
• Social Studies: Familiarise with the Social Studies Textbook. For PSBs, our SS teachers, Ms Chua and Mr Tan have agreed that our Schemes of Work will be based by overall themes(i.e more context-based information than by textbook), rather than studying Chapter by Chapter

• Please Submit the Survey My Learning Profile in SS Google Classroom

E Maths:
Kindly complete the Worksheet that Mr Wee has given us. The Maths Notes on Coordinate geometry. 

Recurring Admin things:

*Check if you have these files:

• English: Blue Ring-file
• Additional Mathematics: Yellow Ring/Arch-File
• Elementary Mathematics:  Get an ORANGE ARCH FILE. Any others will not be used
• Chemistry: One Orange Ring-File and one Orange Flat-File
• Social Studies:One Green Ring-file
• Physics: Yellow Ring-file

(Missing out Bio, History, Mother Tongue, Higher Mother Tongue)

E Maths and A Maths Ten-Year-Series(TYS) will be compulsory for this year. 2 things for you to do.
- Give Brandon Gee 12 Dollars for the E maths TYS. So far only a handful have submitted.
- Go ask the Bookstore lady for A-maths TYS.
Make sure to get into the Facebook account using your SST email so that Nadia can add you for the English Facebook group by Sunday. This Account will also be used later in Sec 4. 
Warn your parents not to go vacation during September Holidays. We will have a Chemistry Practical which the whole level needs to be present.
Make sure to keep this link( for it will be used for extended homework, worksheets, resources, etc
If you are interested Julia Gabriel's Debate Workshop, Inform Miss Chua in your interest. More info here

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