Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Homewrok

Bio: worksheet checkpoint(if u havent finish last week)
Math: Selected questions (if u havent finish)
congrats to those who have finish

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Friday Homework

Math: Selected questions
Chemistry: Slides(for those who haven't present)
Geography: Take a picture of your food and calory checker
English: Mr. Pan's GC question by tonight
Physics: Revise on Lenses
Practical Worksheet
Biotech: Plant Bio worksheet

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Week 2 Thursday

Take a picture of your breakfast, lunch and dinner
Calorie Checker on GC



Bio: Pending...

Biotech: Paper on Plant Bio

Physics: Lab worksheet and light

SS: Holiday Homework

Math: Homework 6

Chemistry: Slides by tomorrow

Design Studies: Pending...

S&W: Look into the history of Tchoukball:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Week 2 Wednesday

Geography: Human Geog essay
English: Documentary
Chinese: Various
Bio: Nil
Biotech: Paper on Plant Bio
Physics: Lab
SS: Holiday Homework
Math: Homework 5
Chemistry: Slides

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday week 2


EL:  Macdonald’s documentary(watch on ur LD, and activate x2 speed)
Comment if ur not done

Math: look at the questions on exchange rate


Chinese: Dk sorry :(

Bio: Optional GC assignment

Geog: if u haven’t submit holiday hw do soon

Physics: lab worksheet if u haven’t complete

BioT: complete worksheet

SS: healthcare slides
HOLIDAY homework

Chemistry: Ms Soh’s slides <— this is mandatory

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Week 1 HW

English: Read the Magazine from Mr Perdana Pan (Jane, u won a prize from him, please see him on mon to collect it)

Math: Worksheet on compound and simple interest(for PSLs, here's a resource

Physics: Bitesize Worksheet (for PSLs, please receive notes from Mr Tan Wei
Meanwhile, here’s a resource for what we have learned)

Bio: There are 2 Worksheets for honing practical skills. Will post soon

Chem: Corrections for Atmosphere topic. For PSLs, the answers are in Google Classroom. Under ’stream’.

Geography: If u haven’t done the fun pack(if you haven’t done it)

Social Studies: Holiday HW due this Thursday. Group Activity: Study the healthcare systems of different countries.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

List of due tomorrow

 Described or made with an end purpose in mind

- Exam paper TMR

E Maths:
- 2016 paper paper 1 TMR 

- Nil

Social Studies:
- Exam paper TMR
- Remind me to ask Miss Chua to touch on SRQ again

A Maths:
- Weekly Homework/Holiday Homework TMR

- Nil

- Nil


1. Document on climographix ( with coriolis-monsoon winds write up) due Friday

2. Find time to watch the toggle video on smart cities: higashimatsushima before next wk's 1 hr geog lesson. we will go thru plate tec essay during that lesson.

- 2015/2016 paper(not specified when due)